POP into the Future: An intro to Plugin Oriented Programming

Plugin Oriented Programing, also known as POP, is a new programming paradigm developed at SaltStack. Like any programming paradigm learning POP means thinking about programming differently. Using POP to create a plugin oriented project is easy. This introduction will help you learn how pop works and how to get started with a POP project.

In this talk we'll look at ways that POP makes breaking strides in:

  • Memory Management

  • Dealing with Complexity

  • Subs and Patterns

  • App Merging

We'll look at POP in action with a demonstration on it's usage.

About Tyler Johnson


Tyler is a Software Engineer on the open source team at SaltStack, an orchestration, automation, and security company. He is currently focused on cloud integrations and innovations such as POP.

Tyler has been on the OpenWest Core team for 4 years and enjoys participating in open source communities.

On the weekends you can catch him playing League of Legends or watching The Mandalorian. View his projects at github.com/Akm0d