High Performance Cloud-Native Microservices

As Monolith to Microservices migration almost became mainstream, Engineering Teams have to think about how their caching strategies will evolve in cloud-native world. Kubernetes is clear winner in containerized world so caching solutions must be cloud-ready and natural fit for Kubernetes.

Caching is an important piece in high performance microservices and choosing right architectural pattern can be crucial for your deployments. Hazelcast is a well known caching solution in open source community and can handle caching piece in microservices based applications.

In this talk, you will learn

  • Distributed Caching With Hazelcast
  • Distributed Caching Patterns in Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Deployment Options and Best Practices
  • How to Handle Distributed Caching Day 2 Operations

About Mesut Celik


Mesut is Tech Lead @ Hazelcast, an Open Source in-Memory Computing Platform, and works on building strong bridge between Hazelcast and cloud-native ecosystem including Kubernetes, Serverless, DevOps. He is a java developer and has lived in Turkey,Belgium and US so far. He is passionate about giving talks in public conferences and local meetups.