Oops, I committed my private key: Automating personal security from scratch with IoT and Infrastructure as Code

After accidentally committing a private SSH key to a public GitHub repository—for the second time in three years—I wanted a personal security solution that kept my secrets secure without creating a large user burden for myself day-to-day. This is the story of how I went from security idiot to Secure Enough™ using nothing but open source, declarative DevOps tools, inexpensive consumer hardware, and the Always Free tier on Google Cloud.

With a little bit of manual bootstrapping, it’s possible to fully automate a robust personal encryption- and password-management infrastructure. This setup helps achieve three goals: It prevents accidental data leaks, it creates awareness of breaches, and it mitigates the effects of any leaks or breaches that do occur.

Automating the hard parts of secrets management is the key to lowering the user burden.

About Nick Anderegg


Nick is a Developer Relations Engineer at Platform.sh. His passion is building tools and products that automate and simplify complex workflows, and he is obsessed with making developers’ lives easier.