A Survey of Cloud-based Machine Learning Offerings from the Beginner's Perspective

If you’re convinced that machine learning is worth learning about, but don’t know where to start, this talk is for you. If you’ve never seen machine learning applied to solving a concrete problem but would like to, this talk is for you.

We’ll explore cloud-based machine learning offerings from the three largest providers: Amazon (SageMaker), Microsoft (Azure ML), and Google (AI Platform). We’ll investigate these offerings with open datasets for digit recognition and breast cancer identification.

Our evaluation will focus on the following:

  • Ease of loading data
  • Quality of tools for data preparation and cleaning
  • Availability of machine learning algorithms
  • Ease of comparing machine learning algorithms on a task

This talk will leave you with a better sense of the trade-offs between the cloud-based machine learning offerings. This will help you select the right offering to solve your problems with machine learning.

About Robert Herbig


Robert Herbig is passionate about leading teams that can deliver products that users love.

He is a Lead Software Engineer at SEP, a private software consultancy. In his 10+ years in the software industry, he has worked on products ranging in size from small apps to enterprise systems; embedded, desktop, web, and cloud platforms; and in a variety of markets and domains including aerospace, medical, agriculture, construction, and secure communication.

He currently lives in Carmel, Indiana with his wonderful wife, three rambunctious sons, and two dogs.